Diabetes Self Care: Feet, Oral Health, Alcohol, Skin, Eyesight, Sick Days

Look after your feet (or you could lose one):

  • Inspect your feet every morning and at bedtime, checking for redness, blisters, cuts or sores (treat and cover any open wounds).
  • Wash daily (don't soak) with mild soap and tepid water, then dry thoroughly.  Moisturize (not between toes).  If using talcum powder, don't use too much and never apply between toes.
  • Make sure you have a foot examination once a year.
  • Wear padded socks that aren't too tight and which have minimum seams
  • Wear shoes that are soft leather, and have a cushioned sole over thin leather sole, laced shoes whenever possible
  • Avoid synthetic shoes
  • Avoid sandals, but on holiday if you do wear them, keep checking feet for wounds
  • If you are bitten (mosquito, bee sting etc) treat with tea tree cream or antiseptic cream and keep it clean

Scholl has an excellent tutorial and sell good foot products including creams and insoles.

Oral health:

  • check for bleeding gums, red/swollen gums, gums pulled away from teeth, pus between teeth and gums if you apply pressure, bad taste in mouth
  • You may have bad decay if you are diabetic - if you can, get dental insurance
  • Brush and floss twice daily
  • Visit your dentist twice a year for checkups
  • Your dentist may prescribe you with a high fluoride content toothpaste (use sparingly - a pea-sized amount, and don't rinse mouth after brushing teeth.  ENSURE you do NOT swallow any of the toothpaste and keep out of reach of children).


Women should only have two units/day (1 double vodka or 1 large glass wine)
Men should only have three units/day (1.5 pints of standard strength beer or 1 pint of strong beer)


  • Wash with mild or pH balanced soaps/liquid soaps in warm (not very hot) water.
  • Limit time spent in bath
  • Moisturize (sorbelene creams are recommended, but Johnson's Baby Range are also ok)
Dry eyes:

Use artificial tear drops to relieve

Sick Days:

If you are ill - 
drink 5 pints (sugar free) liquid daily
if you can't eat solids, try yoghurt, milk, fruit juice, regular (not diet) Coke (let it go flat before drinking)
Be aware that your glucose levels rise if you are ill, so monitor blood sugar levels often

If you are vomiting uncontrollably, call your doctor.