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UK information:

If you are diabetic, you are entitled to free eye tests and free medicine:

Free Eye Testing
Free Retinal Screening 
Free Rx (Prescriptions/Medicines) for ALL medicine prescribed by NHS Doctor (not just your diabetes meds - ALL medicine even if it is not diabetes related).  If you have a private prescription (e.g. my high fluoride toothpaste prescribed by private dentist, you will have to pay)

Insurance and Diabetes (download advice from Diabetes UK)

Travel Insurance (booked through Diabetes UK - guaranteed lowest prices)
Travel (excellent and extensive advice from Diabetes UK)
If travelling alone, I wear a Medical Alert Bracelet and inform the airline hostess on the flight that I have diabetes and keep glucose tablets, bananas and oat cakes in my hand luggage, along with my medicine.  Diabetes UK recommend that you order a normal meal (not a diabetic meal).  Don't be shy, if you need more food, ask for a bread roll in between meals.  Always remember to wear comfortable, closed shoes.

Car Insurance  (advice from Diabetes UK)
Driving (legal requirements regarding driving.  Currently if your treatment is diet and tablets only ... and NOT insulin ... you do not need to inform the DVLA)

Increase your pension income if you are Diabetic
Pension Annuity