Thursday, July 12, 2012

finally a meter

i finally have health insurance.  i finally have what i need.  i finally have a meter to test my blood sugar.

i've lost close to 30 pounds.  my blood pressure is good.  but i never knew from day to day how i was doing.  now i know.

i hour after eating i had my first reading at the pharmacy.  143.  he said that was wonderful.  2 hours after eating they want me to be below 180.

this morning, before breakfast, i took a reading.  111.  they want me to be below 130.

i'm doing it.  i think i might be doing okay.  but it takes a meter to be sure.

and now i finally have one.  a year into this hot mess, i finally can test.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A fresh start

Finally, I've decided that I will get a grip with this disease.

I've done all the research ... educated myself.

Now it's time to "walk the talk".

I popped in to see my lovely diabetes nurse, Alison ... and we've made an appointment for August 1st to test for:

blood pressure
cervical smear
foot exam
blood test
urine test

I think that was it ... I am aware that I also need a mammogram and an eye test ... so I'll ask her about those while I'm there.

I've not cared for too long.  Because I was depressed and had no motivation.

That's all well and good ... and understandable, however ... I'm emigrating to Spain this year, and need to get this under control, so that I feel happier and healthier.

Alison has intimated that they will give me enough meds for 3 - 6 months to tide me over while I'm settling in to life in Almeria.  A great help!

and, I've got my DASH Diet Shopping Lists etc photocopied, ready to take with me, which will help me remember what's good to eat, until it becomes second nature.

Now then, where IS my blood glucose monitor?  I've located everything but ... and it's key to my success ...