Thursday, November 15, 2012

diabetes and being sick

i have pneumonia again.  so very ill and yet i cannot take a day off from work.  i work hourly so if i take a day off, i do not get paid.  there has been so much stress at work and it has taken its toll on me physically.  even now, i do not know why i am sitting here typing this when i should be getting ready for work.  a cold heavy soaking rain is falling outside and my chest feels like a brick is strapped to it. 

rain outside.  rain inside.  when i try to breathe i feel like i'm drowning.

and i am not hungry but with diabetes, i need to eat to keep my levels in a certain area.

i wish i had a friend, but mostly i wish i had him here to help me while i am this sick.  the fever is draining.  hot tea and toast do not a meal make to head off into the rain for a very busy and stressful day at work.

just saying.